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New beginnings – I need a new notebook for that

Action book

I love new beginnings… start of a new project, new book, new chapter of life. It’s all very exciting as it’s filled with anticipation of what you could make of it.

So when I first started working on ideas for this blog, the feeling was the same. I’m so excited to start this new adventure to share my love for delightful stationery, planning and all those little moments that put big smiles on our faces.

Of course, apart from the anticipation, new beginnings for me always mean new stationery! Hurrah for new notebooks!

I love the Behance Action range! I first started with their notepads, which are super handy if you’re using them for different things as you can tear out a sheet and add it to other files and folders. Of course, when I started working on this blog, it made sense to go with the action book – to have a set of action sheets all in one place!

Each page has a section for focus, notations with grid dots to use in any way you wish and even a backburner box to jot down those random thoughts that pop-up as you work on your next big idea. But the best part of the action book is the awesome coloured action steps section. For all list lovers, this is it! It’s all well and good to write down your ideas and thoughts but the action steps section is where things really come to life. It’s there, in a bright, clear space, what you need to do.

So far, the notebook has been an amazing tool to plan and create. Oh and what’s that on top of my notebook? It’s my lemon Lamy fountain pen! As this blog progresses, you’ll see that my lemon Lamy goes almost everywhere with me.

So cheers to new beginnings and new notebooks!


9 thoughts on “New beginnings – I need a new notebook for that

  1. Love this blog already!! And… You love Lamy pens too?!?! You and my hubby Krish are soooo alike. He can’t go to work without his Lamy!
    Looking forward to reading more!
    Ps. I’ll be getting myself one of those action books too!

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    1. Thank you dear Pri! Your hubby has great taste! 😊 Oh we’ll have to discuss our Lamy collection when we all meet next, though I have a feeling we’ll also be busy talking about other new beginnings! 😘


  2. Yes new notebook ….! That is perfectly put… Any new ideas I get… I always won’t to note them down on and continue in that same netbook… ! If the ideas change the venture bad luck old notebook… I still love you but you will mean something when I want to get back to you ! Nicely sharpened pencil or the pen that writes okay..( coz I’m not a writer just for the ideas so not getting fussy) I love this blog already because you started with the stationary ! Getting a new pencil makes my day! So I know and also agree with how you feel! Would be very eager to see where you take us every week! Very inspiring! Great job…,!!!

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  3. Pen, plan and peace- this is the blog i need in my life! I love your love of classy stationary and now we get a taste of your favourites 🙂 This notebook sounds so great for organizing your thoughts and turning them into actions. Cant wait to read more! xx

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    1. Thank you Vriti dear! I hope the blog will continue to meet your expectations. Yes it is a pretty great notebook! I’m loving it so far! Also, you can subscribe to the blog – that way you’ll be one of the first to know when a new post is published. xx


  4. So here’s the thing. I have never looked at these stationery as anything other than objects. My only romance with stationery was with those scented colourful pencils at school, in beautiful sparkly colours. Notebooks on the other hand were just a piece of paper in different forms. The point I am trying to make is that after reading your blog, it brought back my faint school memories. Your blog so beautifully defines your love for these stationery and for the non-believers, it is about revisiting your school days to reminisce the girl who romanticized scents and colours at some point in time. Keep up your work Chandni, its not just a blog anymore!! Look forward to several more of your writings.


    1. Such beautiful words, Niki! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I love that the post brought back childhood memories for you. Your comments are so so lovely! No wonder it’s always so uplifting to talk to you whenever we meet. Thank you again! 🙂


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