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Minutes for me

Minutes for Me
The scarf, the book and a postcard from one of the many cafes where I created minutes for me

I always knew my first trip to Paris would be magical but I would have never guessed that this beautiful city would teach me such a valuable lesson.

It was my first trip overseas, on my own. By the time I had arrived in Paris I was well and truly in love with travelling by myself. Travelling how I wanted to, creating an itinerary that was just for me (of course a folder was involved), wandering wherever the moment would take me… I loved it all.

On my first night in Paris, after a quick dinner, I joined a small night tour (literally five people, including the guide) to check out the city lights and get my bearings around this fascinating city. However, as I arrived back to my hotel room, something inside me was saying that the night was not yet done. So I got all dressed-up, grabbed my book and purse, and even put on the scarf I had just bought at Galeries Lafayette earlier that evening, and I whisked myself away from the hotel, onto the streets of Paris.

I walked into Cafe de le Paix, next to the Opera House and in my very hesitant French asked for a table by the window. And there, for nearly two hours I sat and sipped hot chocolate while immersing myself in my book, interspersed with admiring the view before me. I wasn’t thinking about the past or what tomorrow may bring; I truly was in the moment. I was present in the present, and I loved it.

For the days that followed in Paris, I repeated this ritual. Each evening, finding a new cafe and letting myself get lost in the very moment I was in. In that trip I visited so many amazing places, architectural feats and had so many wonderful experiences but when I look back, I always remember that first night in Paris. It will always have a special place in the memory bank.

Since then I’ve always made it a mission to have some time during the day that’s just for me. While it may not involve having a view to Boulevard des Capucines, the peace it brings to me every day is just as special. Whether it’s going for a walk, reading just one chapter from a book, doing some origami or if nothing else, then just getting lost for five minutes in my favourite song, I have to make minutes for me.

It doesn’t matter where it is or what you do, as long as those minutes are just for you and your soul, that’s all that matters.

How do you make minutes for yourself?


4 thoughts on “Minutes for me

  1. Wonderfully put once again Chandni! Well done!
    You did give me something to think ! And when I thought… I thought that I do have plenty of things to make lots of minutes for me…like my pottery my sketching or crocheting , my morning excercise the list is long and I think pretty much most of what I do is with my heart and soul in it … So even if I am doing anything for someone else … I do it for me… So their minutes ante really my minutes too!!! So the minutes add up from minutes to moments to day and days and week and so on….! And thinking. About that makes me feel fulfilled ! So thank you for that lovely thought!

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    1. Thanks dear Pradnya for your lovely message. It’s wonderful that you have such an array for creative pursuits to create your minutes! You’re absolutely right – doing something that makes your soul smile is automatically helping you create moments for yourself, even if you’re creating something for someone else. Beautifully put! Thanks for sharing! xx


  2. Great post Chandni ! Can totally relate to it as for me to be sane very day I need to have some personal time. And this has been the case for me when I was probably Mishti’s age (4 yrs old). Everyone in our house used to have an afternoon nap while I would spend two hours exclusively with my self playing drawing, daydreaming basically doing whatever I wanted to. Lucky for me my parents always gave me my space. And thank god hubby is that same and hence the privilege of an exclusive chanting room in our house which i use to escape from the chores and get some exclusive ME time!

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    1. Saumya! Thank you for your beautiful message. I was exactly the same when I was 4. I loved nap time, not to sleep but to play and daydream. It’s so heartwarming to see that there are others who loved the same. We are indeed kindred spirits. That’s wonderful you have an exclusive chanting room at home. Sounds so peaceful and serene. Thank you again for sharing such beautiful thoughts. xx


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