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What’s in your purse? – Kaweco photo comp

Kaweco competition

The German brand for gorgeous pens, Kaweco, is hosting a photo competition! Now, I’m no expert in photography but I do love styling for photos so I had to submit one.

The competition is all about the contents of your pocket or purse and the photo must include a Kaweco writing tool. For me, it had to be my favourite Kaweco – the Ice Sport Fountain Pen in green with my favourite Kaweco ink refills, also in green! And yes, how cool is green ink! I love this fountain pen (don’t tell my Lemon Lamy I said that) as it’s compact, so it fits in any little pouch, and it writes oh so beautifully.

Usually in my bag I have a pouch to keep all my spares and knick knacks in one place. Often that includes spare pens and refills, spare little notepad (the one here is from the Japanese store, Uguisu), hand cream, origami paper for moments of creative musings and yes washi tape! You can never have enough washi tape! I always have some handy in my bag for gift-wrapping and special letter posting emergencies (yes, it happens).

Competition closes at the end of the month and submission is via email. There’ll be five winners and of course a Kaweco pen is involved in the prize pack! Check out Kaweco’s submission guidelines… and good luck!


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