Stationery stash

Saving stationery


Rummaging through my stationery stash the other day I found a notepad in pristine condition and it wasn’t just a few years old. It was more than 20 years old – 22 to be exact.

The Anne Geddes notepad is from the 90s. It was the summer of 94 and I was in primary school when my teacher gave all the students in her class one notepad each, on the last day of school. It was such a sweet gesture and at the time it was, by far, the loveliest piece of stationery in my stash. I wanted to save it forever… and it looks like that’s going to be the case.

I have only used one page of this Anne Geddes notepad. That is it. Whenever I look at it, I do so so lovingly but is saving stationery really the right thing to do?

I’m sure when my teacher gave out these notepads she must have thought that they would be used up well before the end of the summer holidays. Isn’t beautiful stationery meant to be used and appreciated and not locked away in a keepsake box?

It’s the dilemma we face with all beautiful things. The bespoke necklace for debuting in special events only, the sweet tea set for that once in a blue moon  tea party…but it feels nothing is ever special enough for them.

We save it for a moment we’ve imagined in our minds to be so grand that when in fact a fabulous moment does arrive, it doesn’t quite match up to the one we’ve been picturing in our heads.

In my stationery stash, there are so many examples of these. Beautiful undated diaries, gorgeous journals, notebooks and even post-it notes all adorned in a beautiful box — barely used, some not at all. Well, that’s now going to change.

In the coming months, I will be taking out each stationery piece and putting it to good use and before I go stationery shopping again, I’m going to look through my stationery stash to see if there’s something in there I can use instead of adding more stationery to the stash. Hopefully in this way I can have even more gorgeous stationery in my everyday life and the stationery in my stash can finally fulfil its life purpose. It’s a win-win situation, really.

But, what will become of the Anne Geddes notepad? Well that one I think I will still save. Looking at that notepad inspired me to start taking things out of my stationery stash rather than just adding to it. So, it’s safely saved in the stash as a gentle reminder to keep the stash moving.

Is there something you’ve saved in your stationery stash?


2 thoughts on “Saving stationery

  1. That is indeed a really cure notepad and worth preserving..While not as lovely as your notepad, hubby has a Mont Blanc pen in his bedside drawer that was gifted to him my brother which he hasn’t even opened :p

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