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Sending you hugs – let’s reconnect

Recently I received one of the most heartwarming and surprising calls. In the busyness of a Friday evening, my phone started to ring and it was a friend from uni I hadn’t spoken to for years.

At uni we used to catch-up almost every day but then as the years passed, we moved to different cities, started building lives of our own in our new worlds and the distance grew naturally. We connected from time to time, thanks to Facebook and a rare visit here and there when we were in each other’s city. There was always thought of well-wishes for one another but never the time to convey it.

As we started chatting, it was amazing how easily we slipped into our non-stop excitable conversation style – just the way we used to chat back at uni. But why the call?

She opened up. She was planning her Hajj to Mecca and as part of her pilgrimage she wanted to reconnect with those who were dear to her, to let them know just how much she values them.

I was so touched. What a beautiful sentiment. That phone call truly made my week! It got me thinking… imagine if we actively steered our focus and energy to connecting with others with love, warmth and kindness, how much more peaceful our world would be. How beautiful would all our conversations be!

It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind where friends and family who are out of sight, may easily become out of mind. There’s loved ones in our contact list but we’re not contacting them. And sometimes we can spend more time worrying about those who have wronged or belittled us and less time being grateful for those who truly love and appreciate us.

You may not be planning a pilgrimage anytime soon but there’s no reason not to reconnect with those you care about in your life. A simple text, email, snail mail, call or a visit is all you need to do to let the special ones in your life know just how much they mean to you. You’ll see – it’ll definitely make their day!

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!


4 thoughts on “Sending you hugs – let’s reconnect

  1. Love you so much Chandni.. 💋💋💋💋

    Life is to short to miss a moment ..When you make others feel good.. The feeling always comes back to you.. You have always done the same for others too.

    Totally agree with you… Spend as many moments making others feel good and reconnecting .

    I am so honoured I made you feel so good and even more to have you as a friend..

    You always have and still make me smile.
    Lots of love

    This reconnect is only the beginning .. Hope to continue it …


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