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Night before list for a good night’s sleep


You know that feeling you get the night before a big day of big tasks? There’s so much to do and your mind is just buzzing with everything you need to accomplish. You know you need a good night’s sleep but it’s hard to shut-off a busy-bee brain.

When a night like this strikes, I always find a brain dump on paper is the best way to clear my mind. By writing it down, I feel as if I’m clearing space in my brain, thus getting it ready for rest.

Keep a pen and pad handy by your bedside table and write down everything you must complete tomorrow. Be realistic with your list. Don’t ever over-promise to yourself –  you’ll only be setting yourself up for disappointment. Another handy bonus of making the night before list is you can save precious time the next day as you can get on with getting things done straightaway, instead of compiling to-do notes and reminders that morning. Plus, you most likely will have a good night’s sleep, so you’ll be raring to go on all cylinders.

On a busy day, I usually love to add one to-do that’s about treating myself. It’s like a reward for what you’ve accomplished and it’s a nice way to end a hectic day. It could be anything. For me, it usually involves chocolate or a spot of online shopping. It’s hard to resist either.

Wishing you happy to-do list making and a restful sleep. Sweet dreams!


4 thoughts on “Night before list for a good night’s sleep

  1. That is so rightly said again Chandni! I remember back in my disciplined days I used to do a lot of them and during my submissions in my final years of uni where we used to have to come up with creative ideas constantly for building add campaigns all the great ideas used to come at night and lost in the morning! So I used to sleep with pen and paper and scribble down in dark with eyes shut if I thought of something in the middle of the night… and spend time figuring out what it meant in the morning!!! Fun days!
    Thank you for reminding me of those with your lovely blog!

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  2. Wow Chandni! No wonder you are so organised! I really need to get into the habit of making lists as I always seem to be forgetting something or the other. However for me following my to-do list would be harder than making it. I always seem to get distracted..for eg i make grocery list and then always miss something on that list or end up buying things not on the list..:p :p
    Never the less its worth a shot 🙂

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    1. I try Saumya! You’re too kind. I love making lists but I too have days where much of the list is left incomplete. While it can be disappointing, be kind to yourself and focus on what you did complete rather than what you didn’t. We’re often hardest on ourselves when we need not be. And the extra things in the grocery list, that’s totally ok! hehe
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and have a lovely week, Saumya! 😀


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