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Stationery or Stationary – foolproof way to never get it wrong again


When the Great Australian Spelling Bee first came on TV, I was obsessed! I wished it had been around when I was in school. English was always my favourite subject in school and I loved spelling! In spite of this, when I was 10, I would consistently confuse two words – Stationery and Stationary. What bothered me the most was I was having difficulty spelling something correctly that I loved so much! What would my pens, notepads and pencils think of me?! Oh the horror!

However, this is where an amazing teacher comes into the story. My Grade 5 teacher, who is by far one of the most extraordinary people I’ve ever come across, showed me one simple trick.

“Pen has an e and is a type of stationery. Car has an a and is stationary in the garage.”

This simple word association ensured I never confused the two again. Basically, I happily spelt correctly ever after! If spelling these words causes you grief, I hope this simple little trick will help you as much as it helped me.

Writing this blog post today is so fitting being World Teachers’ Day today. So to my Grade 5 teacher, Mrs Lund, and all the other amazing teachers whose guidance and wisdom stay with you for years and decades later, thank you… thank you so much!

Do you have a story of an amazing teacher? Share it below! I’d love to hear from you!


6 thoughts on “Stationery or Stationary – foolproof way to never get it wrong again

  1. You are very good at putting things in simple way Chandni! I truely enjoy reading all that you write!
    Got to love those great teachers who came to us at the very right ages that helped me be who I am today! For that matter I have met people at different stages when growing up …who came and went and just by saying something very simple that left such impact; that played huge part of the moulding which built me as a person today. And still meeting such ‘teachers’ (sometimes in form of kids too) for me as a person the work is still in progress!

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    1. Awwww thanks so much Pradnya for your kind words and for sharing your thoughts! You’re right. It’s not just teachers – so many others play a major role in shaping us and being a positive influence for us, including children who tell it how it is. Wise words from you indeed, Pradnya! Love reading your comments! xx


  2. Another great read Chandni!
    You’re so right… great teachers make such a difference. One of my best teachers was my year 12 maths teacher. I remember thinking I’d like to be a maths teacher after having him for a semester!! Thanks to great teachers (School/Uni/Our Parents) we are who we are right?!

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    1. Thanks for your kind words and for sharing your thoughts! Beautifully said Pri!! What a great story! I love how we like to emulate the people who inspire us, especially when we’re kids. It means they’ve truly touched our inner soul and hit a chord deep inside. You would be an amazing teacher! Sanvi is so lucky to have a Mum who teaches her gently, kindly and with generosity. ❤️


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