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Celebrate the micro moments


We’re so good at celebrating the big moments of our lives, right? Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, new job, wedding or an arrival of a little one, we so know how to appreciate and enjoy them. Those moments are so vivid and magnificent, and the feelings of elation and excitement are so extraordinary.

Of course, these moments don’t come around everyday; they can be far and few between. Sometimes the lack of those moments, especially when we’ve previously experienced a few in succession, can leave a sense of emptiness and ho-humness about our lives.

But our life can’t just be about the big moments. Lately, I’ve spent a lot of time contemplating about the little moments that make my day… the micro moments. I thought about those times during the day that bring a smile to my face, warm my heart and bring a little joy into my world.

When I sat down and made my list, there were so many. Yes, so many moments that I could truly admire and celebrate. Here I will just share three of those moments:

Rain song: Since I can remember, I’ve loved the sound of rain as it hits the ground or splatters on the window. It’s always been so calming.

Smell of freshly cut grass: Growing up, I dreaded those Saturdays where it was my turn to mow the lawn, especially in the summer. The monotony of going back and forth with a very loud lawn mower was pure drudgery. However, as soon as it was over, that beautiful aroma would take over and I would completely forget the awful task I had just completed. Even to this day, walking past freshly cut grass brings me absolute delight.

Cuddles with bubba: By far, this is at the top of my list. Just before my little one goes to sleep for the night, he’ll snuggle into my lap for one last cuddle. For a few minutes, in dim light, we sit like this as I sing him lullabies in a voice only an offspring could love. All day long, he’s busy, on the move and exploring the world around him, so this little bit of time together feels extra special.

When you really look into it, there is so much to celebrate in each day. Let’s not wait till the next big thing to feel elation. Let’s celebrate those micro moments of our everyday lives and cherish what we have in our presence today.

I’d love to hear what’s on your list of micro moments. Why not share your thoughts below!


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