Stationery stash

Hello stationery! I’m hereeeeee!

The stationery warehouse sale you can’t miss!

You know the movie Confessions of a shopaholic? There’s one fabulous scene where Rebecca Bloomwood is on her way home to find some quiet time so she can write a thousand words on the effect of changing interest rate on store card APRs. But on her way she comes across a flyer for a designer sample sale. Comes across… as in, it flies right into her face! Before you know it, she’s knee deep in shopping bags.

Well that was me today. Only difference…  it wasn’t a flyer, it was a reminder on my phone. And instead of a designer clothing sale, it was a stationery sale. Instead of Chanel, Michael Kors & Dolce, it was Clairefontaine, Moleskine & Delfonics!

Every time Notemaker have their warehouse sale, suffice to say, it’s epic!! Imagine your favourite online store, live!! There’s so much to choose from, much at bargain prices and of course, so much stationery loveliness!

So if you’re in Melbourne this week and need a fabulous stationery fix to end the year, check out Notemaker’s warehouse sale at 1000 £ Bend – on till Friday!

Happy shopping!

More info on Notemaker…


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