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Totes in love with totes

So one of my many absolute accessory obsessions is the tote bag! I think it goes back to the time when I was in school and had a separate tote bag for my library books because… hey, you don’t wanna mix your half-eaten lunch with your precious books plus you have a rep to maintain at the library. Oh yes, you can tell I was one of the cool kids… ahem…not.

Anyway, the first tote bag that I can vividly remember was from Grade 5. It was light pink check and the best part… my Mum had sewn it for me. Oh I wish I still had that bag but sadly I fear it’s gone missing during one of our many house moves. I loved that bag so much! It had a long strap so you could wear it in the cross-body style and it had plenty of room plus I remember how Mum and I spent forever at the local fabric shop picking out the material. Mum was looking for something sturdy and I was just looking for anything pink (the most happening colour for this Grade Fiver).

So, since then the obsession grew and now whenever I see a funky tote… well I just have to have it! Every year my collection grows but here are my five faves!

The New Yorker

This is a fabulous “carry everything all day” tote. Made from heavy duty canvas, it’s super durable and can carry so much! One of my favourite magazines from my most favourite city in the world, the signature New Yorker logo is ever so endearing on the tote. This tote came with my New Yorker subscription (yep I’m a sucker for “free tote with purchase” promos). If you are too, good news, the promotion is still running at the moment!

Andy Warhol – Ai Weiwei exhibition

Love this tote from the 2016 NGV’s Andy Warhol – Ai Weiwei exhibition. It’s always nice to bring a little memorabilia home from an inspiring day of art gazing! The size is perfect to carry large A4 to A3 folders and notebooks.

Pro-tea quote tote

Now I have to say upfront, this is a bit of a controversial tote to be carrying around in the city of coffee lovers but I’m sure my fellow Melburnians will forgive me. As someone who loves a beautiful cup of tea from earl grey to peppermint, this tote is totes me! From the beautiful Berlin store Paper & Tea (yep two of my favourite things), the quote, “You drink coffee I drink tea my dear” makes this one of my favourite quote totes!

The Nathalie Du Pasquier design

I love this bright blue patterned tote by Nathalie Du Pasquier from Third Drawer Down. It’s the funkiest grocery bag I have! Water-resistant, large enough to carry your favourite fruits and veggies and it folds up into a little pouch; it’s a lovely addition to my tote collection.

High on happiness

This is such a sweet tote with a lovely little message. I found this one at Sentosa Island on our way back from the monorail ride. We had had such a lovely day out in Singapore and we were truly “high on happiness” on a wonderful holiday. It’s a message I wanted to bring back home with me so now it’s a perfect little tote when we go out for fun little day outings.

Do you have a favourite tote or accessory? I’d love to hear from you! xx


6 thoughts on “Totes in love with totes

  1. Offcourse I have to have a fav one Chandni !!! ( just all of them)
    Just glad to catch your post after a long time! Keep them going! ( really liking your pictorial presentation too!!! )

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  2. Totes loved this post!!
    So sweet how it all started with a homemade library bag. Makes me want to do this for my kids when they go to school! ❤️️

    Liked by 1 person

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